Best-in-Class, Tolerance Stackup Analysis Software

Geometric Stackup provides a simple solution to perform tolerance stackup analysis on complex assemblies with unprecedented ease, speed and accuracy – reducing tolerance stackup calculation time from hours to minutes.

How it Works?

Fast, easy and accurate way to perform tolerance stackup analysis on critical parts or assemblies.

  • Automatically assesses minimum and maximum tolerances on critical assemblies using Worst Case Scenario & RSS (Statistical Variation) methods
  • Works directly with CAD geometry, eliminating the process of tedious and error-prone manual entries of nominal values from CAD models to excel sheet
  • Employs feature recognition technology that automatically recognizes and captures key features from all native CAD parts
  • Designed for the non-specialist, easy to use and shorter learning curve, no special training required
  • Integrated with CAD (SolidWorks) and PLM (WindChill) systems.

Why Geometric Stackup?

  • Multi CAD File Support
  • Support for Model Based Definition (MBD)
  • Automated Dimension Capture
  • Interactive Dimension Loop
  • Continuous Selection

Did you know 70% of tolerance stack up are 1D

  • Designers have to spend lot of time in copying values from CAD to spreadsheets
  • Work with complex formulae
  • Lot of errors due to manual interventions
  • Take snapshots and create manual vector loop
  • Prepare manual reports
  • Need experts to operate software
  • Develop advance understanding of GD&T
  • Lot of training for design engineers
  • Cumbersome to be used by designers
  • Needs lot of configuration
  • Covers widely used tolerance stack up methods for 1-D Analysis
  • Captures industry best practices and provides standard tolerance values
  • Works directly with CAD geometry, eliminating the process of tedious and error-prone manual entries of nominal values from CAD models to spread sheet
  • Automatic report generation that can be easily shared with internal teams and vendors
  • Designed for the non-specialist, no special training required
  • Interactive dimension loop guides user for accurate analysis
  • Dynamic result updates to compare individual part tolerance trade offs

User Testimonials

  • Dominique Schoenauer
    Geometric Stackup is an intuitive tool and simple to use. It's easy to perform 1D tolerance stackup analysis at a fast pace avoiding the common errors. The software helps in ensuring the right tolerances and minimum variation during the design detailing phase thus avoiding downstream issues.
    Dominique Schoenauer
    R&D Engineer
  • Kevin Rogers
    It's great to use existing CAD Models to go into tolerance assessment without the boundaries of 1 CAD System.
    Kevin Rogers
  • Ryman Wang
    Geometric Stackup software is easy to use. I have used this software in our company. Automated reports and dimension capturing improves data accuracy resulting into improved quality and accuracy. Also, auto-correction dimension capture guides user to locate the correct assembly sequence
    Ryman Wang
    Black & Decker Suzhou
  • Shridhar M Bagalkot

    Today, it's very much essential to do tolerance stackup analysis to eliminate design errors, improve design and the most important ensure functional requirements like proper clearance, correct fit, feasibility of assembly etc.

    In this context the Geometric Stackup from HCL technologies comes very handy and is useful. This eliminates possible manual errors and corrects design which facilitates improved design.

    Shridhar M Bagalkot
    School of Post Graduate Studies NTTF Bengaluru