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Perform 1-D tolerance stackup analysis on complex parts and assemblies with unprecedented ease and confidence and eliminating the need for outdated, error prone and manual approaches. With Geometric Stackup, you can easily calculate precise tolerances to achieve consistent fit and maximum part interchangeability at an early design stage.

Reduce tolerance stackup analysis time by up to 80%

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  • Works directly with CAD geometry, eliminating the process of tedious and error-prone manual entries of nominal values from CAD models to excel sheet
  • Automatically assesses minimum and maximum tolerances on critical assemblies using Worst Case Scenario & RSS (Statistical Variation) methods
  • Captures key dimensions in interactive 3D manner
  • Auto-correction dimension capture guides user to locate the correct assembly sequence
  • Rubber-band effect helps user in the process of dimension selection without losing focus of the bigger picture
  • Easy to use and shorter learning curve, no training required.

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