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Simple yet Powerful Tolerance Analysis Software

With Geometric Stackup you can experience just how easy it is to perform tolerance analysis on complex assemblies and achieve maximum part interchangeability and improved manufacturability of designs.

Reduce Tolerance Analysis time by up to 80%

Integrated CAD Platform and Multi CAD File Support

Use of single application helps the designer to fully concentrate on the gap analysis as there is no switching between CAD and excel template.

Performs Stackup on major CAD files like CATIA, Creo Parametric, UG NX, SOLIDWORKS, Solidedge, Inventor & neutral files like STEP/STP, IGES/IGS, ParaSolid and JT

Integrated with CAD (SolidWorks) & PLM (PTC WindChill) systems. Can be integrated with other PLM systems.

Automated Dimension Capture

Works directly with CAD geometry, eliminating the process of tedious and error-prone manual entries of nominal values from CAD models to excel sheet. Employs feature recognition technology that automatically recognizes and captures key dimensions

Automated reports and dimension capturing improves data accuracy resulting into improved quality and accuracy. Also, auto-correction dimension capture guides user to locate the correct assembly sequence

Supports GD&T

  • Easy way to handle Geometric Dimensions and Tolerances during Variation Analysis
  • Interactive User interface for adding GD&T
  • Supports major GD&T types used in 1D analysis like Positional, Straightness, and Flatness etc.
  • Ability to read semantic PMI data from CAD model

Multiple Analysis on Single Assembly

  • Multiple analysis on a single assembly in the same session
  • Easy to switch between the analysis
  • Helps user to cover all possible stackup on an assembly in the same session.

Supports Assembly Shift

  • Interactive User interface for adding Assembly shift
  • Supports standard fasteners as well as custom fastener values
  • Handles the variations due to Hole and fastener

Interactive Loop

  • Captures key dimensions in interactive 3D manner
  • Rubber-band effect helps user in the process of dimension selection without losing focus of the bigger picture

Be Confident on the Results

Geometric Stackup follows the global ISO 2768-1 linear dimension standard for assigning tolerance values. Detailed report generation helps in clear communication within departments and vendors.

Geometric Stackup guides you to achieve maximum part interchangeability and improved manufacturability of designs- reducing tolerance analysis time from hours to minute.

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