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    Tolerance Stackup Analysis Tools

    Tolerance analysis

    Tolerance Stackup is the cummulative tolerance of an asembly after considering the tolerances of individual components that constitute the assembly. Tolerance analysis is important from an assembly fit point of view. Tolerance Stackup Analysis (TSA) is an integral part of the design process to ensure the structural integrity of the final assembly.

    Tolerance Analysis has traditionally been performed by manually listing down individual component tolerances on a spreadsheet and then adding them up to arrive at the assembly tolerance values. This process requires specialized skills and an in depth knowlegde of Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) concepts. Also, this process, due to its manual nature is error prone and time consuming.

    Modern tools such as Geometric Stackup helps speed up 1-D tolerance analysis. These tools work directly on the CAD data, thus eliminating the process of noting tolerances on spreadsheets. This not only saves time, but also reduce errors substantially.
    In most cases, tools like Geometric Stackup help cut down Tolerance Stackup Analysis (TSA) time from days to just a few hours (or even minutes). Here is a comparison TSA using spreadsheets and using Tolerance Stackup.

    Download a free trial of Geometric Stackup here.

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